--- 1.0 CLE Credit for CA,CO,CT,FL,ID,NJ,NY,PA
--- health law / trial - health care & hospital law
--- course production date: 12/15/2015
--- presented by NATHAN ADAM KOTTKAMP

HIPAA places strict limits on the ability of health care providers to disclose "protected health information." For lawyers attempting to seek health information, understanding the HIPAA rules can make or break a case.

This presentation discusses the types of records to which HIPAA applies, the mechanisms for obtaining health records, and strategies for navigating HIPAA compliance in the context of litigation.

Key course points are:
• Understanding how HIPAA restricts health records disclosures.
• Understanding how to obtain health records in litigation.
• Understanding special circumstances in which records are restricted beyond HIPAA.
• Understanding how to respond to subpoenas.
• Understanding when HIPAA does not apply.

--- presented by NATHAN ADAM KOTTKAMP

Nathan A. Kottkamp concentrates in healthcare law, including federal and state regulatory compliance, fraud and abuse, self-referral prohibitions, privacy and confidentiality requirements, patient rights and clinical ethics, medical staff privileges, healthcare contracts, certificate of public need proposals, reproductive medicine, healthcare antitrust, HIPAA, EMTALA, healthcare professional education accreditation, advance directives, and reimbursement issues.

Mr. Kottkamp’s clients include health systems, hospitals, specialized medical practices, pharmacies, mental health services providers, and universities.

Nathan is a frequent speaker on a range of healthcare topics including HIPAA, EMTALA, and advance directives