--- international law - immigration & naturalization law
--- course production date: 5/15/2017
--- presented by CLARE CORADO

Did you know there is a 24-year-long line some immigrants wait in before they can come to the U.S.? Did you ever wonder if the real life marriage interviews are anything like on TV? Would you like to know enough about our immigration system to understand the current political discourse? Take this course to learn everything important that no one knows about this wild and wonderful field of law!

This CLE course is geared toward non-immigration attorneys or attorneys thinking about beginning an immigration practice. Along with a better understanding of the U.S. immigration system, you will go away with a concrete understanding of how to represent a client in a family-based petition case.

Key course points are:
• The myths and realities of U.S. immigration system.
• Step-by-step instructions on how to do basic immigration petitions.
• Checklists, Form lists, and other helpful materials to start a case.

--- presented by CLARE CORADO

Clare Corado is an immigration attorney who helps Americans get green cards for their foreign spouses. She is the author of The Green Card Guidebook: What you must know if you are falling hopelessly in love with a foreigner.

Clare appears regularly as an immigration expert on Telemundo, and has been hired by the Government of Mexico to represent cases on its behalf. She has lobbied Congress for immigration reform with the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), and her work has been published in Legal Ink Magazine and Al Dia En America Newspaper.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Clare was a health worker in the Peace Corps and a professional translator. She has traveled extensively in Latin America and speaks fluent Spanish.