--- ethics - fiscal responsibility
--- course production date: 5/23/2017
--- presented by PETER R. AFRASIABI

Attorney-client transactions are subject to the most rigorous judicial review, and all assumptions are made against enforceability. Many a lawyer has found a business or modified engagement transaction with a client voided by a client with the attorney in hot water at the State Bar, even when the attorney never in any traditional sense did anything wrong.

This CLE course will help make sure that your agreements and transactions with your clients stand up to judicial scrutiny and keep you out of the boiling water.

Key course points are:
• Discover what kinds of transactions with clients are subject to ethics rules.
• Learn the governing rules and how they are applied by courts.
• Learn to identify common scenarios that trigger the ethics rules and how to avoid liability.
• Invaluable advice on how not to have state bar trouble and how to navigate attorney-client transactions.
• Gain advice on how to approach transactions in a step-by-step format to minimize risk.

--- presented by PETER R. AFRASIABI

Variety Magazine has named Peter Afrasiabi a Top 50 Intellectual Property lawyer. From battles with Madonna over the “Material Girl” brand to copyright fair use disputes with the Eagles’ Don Henley to protecting artists in copyright and trademark disputes, Peter handles federal copyright, trademark and entertainment disputes.

Recognized for his expertise, Peter has been a legal commentator on NBC and CBS, a copyright expert witness in litigation, recognized as a “Super Lawyer” (an honor less than 5% of lawyers in Southern California receive), and was selected by the University of California to author the annual intellectual property piece, Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks.

His first book "Show Trials" was an Indie National Book finalist. A regular speaker and provider of Continuing Education to lawyers around the country, Peter is also an adjunct professor of law.