--- international law - immigration & naturalization law
--- course production date: 6/9/2017
--- presented by MARK SOLOMON SILVER

There are specific criteria and considerations in psychosocial evaluations for spousal abuse cases, specifically when handling immigration petitions. In this course, attorney Mark Silver discusses how such cases are evaluated from a clinical perspective with the consideration for the client's immigration petition. He examines the cycles of abuse and the challenges the victim faces in the context of their marriage to an American citizen, as well as the major types of abuse and characteristics of abusers.

Mr. Silver also discusses the connection of victims' psychological conditions to immigration cases and opines on who should undertake the clinical evaluations. He also addresses the steps to take in the event of a denial or RFE.

Key course points are:
• Understand the VAWA case conceptually.
• Recognize the cycles of abuse in VAWA cases.
• Identify why immigrant women are often targets for abuse and consider major visa issues.
• Understand types of abuses.
• Understand the mental health consequences.

--- presented by MARK SOLOMON SILVER

MARK SOLOMON SILVER is a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He has a Combined Specialist Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science from the University of Toronto and a Master of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario. He has also completed a Master of Social Work at the University of Toronto, a post-graduate Certificate Program in Family Therapy at Smith College, and a Doctor of Psychology at the Southern California University for Professional Studies. In addition, Mark holds a Juris Doctor from the City University of New York, Queens College, and was admitted to practice law in the states of New York and New Jersey and the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.

Mark has provided dozens of lectures to thousands of lawyers and he has many publications on forensic social work and mental health practice in criminal and immigration consultation for attorneys in various journals, and he has lectured on various aspects of these subjects.

Mark is the author of Handbook of Mitigation in Criminal and Immigration Forensics: Humanizing the Client Towards a Better Legal Outcome. Revised Fifth Edition. (2015). Since 2002, Mark has worked as a consultant for law firms throughout the United States conducting psychosocial evaluations and writing formal reports in forensic and mitigation immigration and criminal cases. To date, Mark has worked on more than 2000 such cases with clients from about forty countries throughout the world on various individual, family, and mental health issues related to criminal conduct and immigration petitions. He has also provided expert testimony in several dozen of these cases. He can be contacted at marksilver1@cs.com