--- tort law - workers compensation law
--- course production date: 7/9/2017
--- presented by RICHARD LEE MONTARBO

Attorney and adjunct professor Richard Montarbo lectures on the requirement of substantial evidence and direct causation in application of Guzman, Ogilvie and the law of apportionment. He discusses legal doctrines establishing PD as it relates to the requirements of substantial evidence and direct causation: Standard Rating, Guzman, Ogilvie/Dahl, and Labor Code 4662.

Key course points are:
• Gain insight from the perspective of both defense and applicant attorneys.
• Learn the keys to proving apportionment.
• Discover requirements for admissible evidence.
• Insider knowledge of the doctrines of substantial evidence and direct causation.
• Caselaw discussion

--- presented by RICHARD LEE MONTARBO

Richard Montarbo is the Capital Partner in the Law Offices of Richard L. Montarbo. He has been involved in private practice exclusively representing employers in labor related issues for over a quarter century. Although the firm has offices in Red Bluff and Sacramento, it represents employers, insurance carriers, and Third Party Administrators throughout the state of California.

He is a frequent lecturer at various Labor Law Conferences and forums involving the fields of labor law, economics, computer science and technologies. Acting as a keynote speaker, Richard Montarbo has participated during the recent past at Law Conferences including the California State Bar Association, the California Applicant’s Attorney Association, California Workers’ Compensation Defense Attorneys, California Joint Powers Authorities, Current Issues – Workers’ Compensation Conferences, and Medical Conferences presented by Newton Medical Group, Exam Works Medical Evaluations and Med-Link Medical Group.

Richard Montarbo is also an adjunct professor with the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, where he teaches “The Survey Of California Workers’ Compensation Law”.

Richard Montarbo earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Economics with a minor in Management Information Systems/Computer Science from California State University, Sacramento in 1984, and then went on to attend the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, where he earned a Juris Doctorate in Law in 1987. He excelled academically both during his undergraduate and post-graduate education.

Richard Montarbo passed the Hawaii and California State Bar Examinations, as well as the California Legal Specialization examination in the field of California Workers’ Compensation Law. He is currently licensed to practice in the states of Hawaii and California, and maintains his certification as a licensed specialist in the field California Workers’ Compensation Law.

Publications and Software Application Development:

Richard Montarbo is the Author and Assistant Editor of The Work Comp Index, A Topical Guide To The Law of California Workers’ Compensation, published by Lexis/Nexis Publications. The Work Comp Index is the most comprehensive work on the Law of California Workers’ Compensation, and the definitive topical guide and legal research tool for the field of California Workers’ Compensation Law. It is utilized by both attorneys and Judges alike throughout the State of California.

Richard Montarbo is also an app developer having written the source code for the CompCalc - an invaluable tool utilized by the California Workers’ Compensation legal community for rating Workers’ Compensation Permanent Disability and calculating Workers’ Compensation indemnity benefits for all dates of injuries and species of benefits. The CompCalc is available for download at the App Store for Apple devices, Google Play for Android devices, and at www.MontarboLaw.com for Windows based computers.