MINDFULNESS FOR THE MODERN LAWYER - Managing Stress to Uphold Your Ethical Responsibility

--- 1.0 CLE Credit for AZ,CT,FL,NH,NJ,NY,NV,OR,PA
--- ethics - substance abuse (s.a.)
--- course production date: 12/5/2017
--- presented by KIRSTEN FRANKLIN

Most attorneys work in high-stress, highly demanding environments and are constantly connected to work through modern technology. Over time, this can take a toll on their relationships, productivity and focus. This can lead to poor decision making that can negatively affect their ethical and professional responsibilities.

Join Kirsten Franklin, a mindfulness and success coach and former litigation attorney, for a workshop that will help you identify the negative effects of stress on the body and teach you the ancient contemplative practice, Mindfulness, to control stress, decrease reactivity, increase focus and productivity and improve outcomes giving you the ability to uphold your ethical and professional responsibility.

Key course points are:
• Solid, tested methods to reduce stress and improve focus.
• An understanding of stress' effects on the body and how it leads to poor decision making that can affect clients negatively.
• Understanding that you owe a duty to take of yourself so you can take care of clients.
• Benefits of a mindfulness practice beyond just work, but improving all relationships.
• An understanding of the brain, habits and how to change them through mindfulness.

--- presented by KIRSTEN FRANKLIN

Kirsten Franklin is a 2001 graduate of St. John’s University School of Law. She began her career as a litigation attorney on Wall Street and later relocated to South Florida.

Kirsten has studied behavioral sciences for over 15 years and over the past 8 years has studied positive psychology, meditation and mindfulness, neuro-science and quantum physics. Over the past three years she has worked with and become certified by Anthony (Tony) Robbins' and Chloe Madanes’ School for Strategic Intervention.

Kirsten's passion for personal growth and her love of learning in combination with her altruism, have lead her down a path from attorney to executive coach. Her goal is to help millions of people raise their level of awareness by helping them recognize their true self-worth. The company utilizes evidenced-based techniques rooted in behavioral science, positive psychology, neuro-science, quantum sciences and strategic intervention to allow her clients releasing any doubts, fears, anxieties, lack of confidence or lack of certainty that might be holding them back from achieving their goals. She helps her clients to live life by their design. She gives them the tools necessary to be intentional, purposeful and productive.