--- trial practice / tech - juries
--- course production date: 10/30/2018
--- presented by DAVID CANNON

This course serves as a primer on social media and jury selection. Jurors today sometimes present themselves very differently online than they do in the courtroom. Getting a glimpse into a jurors online life can help you get a more complete understanding of the person before you use any peremptory challenges. However, the breadth of information available online can be overwhelming and may sometimes be misleading. Sometimes the information is not accurate, and sometimes the online information pertains to some other person with the same name as the juror.

This course gives you an overview of some of the best sources and strategies for online searches, as well as pointers on how to tie all of your information together to give you a more informed opinion during jury selection. Then, with online and in court observations, we discuss how to rate jurors and prioritize your challenges.

Key course points are:

• Learn how to use social media and other online tools to learn about prospective jurors.
• Learn the most effective sources of online information.
• Learn what you should look for online.
• Learn about rating jurors on bias and leadership scales.
• Learn how to tie in online information with your own in court assessments of jurors.

(Written Material Reviewed by Wendy L. P​atrick, JD, PhD)

--- presented by DAVID CANNON

Dr. David Cannon, Ph.D. is co-founder of Trial Innovations, is based in the Los Angeles area and has been the lead trial consultant in cases across the country, ranging from insurance defense and corporate litigation, to capital cases and white collar crime. His principal activities involve witness workshops; focus groups and mock trials; online juror surveys; continuing legal education presentations; voir dire and jury selection consultation; and post-trial juror interviews.

Dr. Cannon uses his clinical and communications expertise to prepare witnesses for deposition and trial testimony and has worked with witnesses from various ethnic and cultural groups throughout the country. He also provides psychological snapshots of prospective jurors for jury selection; conducts voir dire training; and has developed a special expertise in the effects of diversity in the courtroom and the effects of lawyer characteristics on juror decision-making.

Dr. Cannon uses his research and statistical expertise to conduct online juror surveys and community attitude surveys; develop statistical profiles of high-risk jurors; develop juror questionnaires; and conduct focus groups and mock trials. He began consulting and conducting research on the consulting field in 1998. He has authored articles on voir dire and jury selection in bar journals across the country. He has also conducted research on attorney voir dire style and its effect on jury verdicts.

Dr. Cannon earned his Masters’ and Doctorate degrees at the University of Alabama, one of the few institutions in the country that offers a concentration in clinical psychology and law. His academic and applied experiences provide a rare blend of expertise in clinical psychology, communication, research methods, and law. He is a board member and incoming treasurer of the American Society of Trial Consultants. He regularly gives presentations throughout the country.