--- family law / trial
--- course production date: 7/23/2019
--- presented by RANDI BURGGRAFF

Many attorneys meet or consult with clients who have been victims of domestic violence. Many, however, do not know how to properly advise their clients, litigate their case, involve the appropriate experts, or ensure the needs of the children are being met under the applicable law. If a step is missed, such as the Court is not properly briefed on the issue, or an appropriate analysis of the law is not completed for instance, it can affect the outcome of your client’s case.

This course offers attorneys tips and strategies on how to effectively litigate a family law case from start to finish when children and domestic violence are involved.
Key course points are:
• How to effectively litigate a domestic violence case.
• How to Use Experts in a Domestic Violence Case.
• What Tips they Can Offer Their Client.

--- presented by RANDI BURGGRAFF

Randi Burggraff is an attorney at Burggraff Tash Levy PLC, where she conducts consultations, mediations, trial work and appears on behalf of clients at various court proceedings. She works efficiently with clients to ensure that they are receiving the best legal representation.

Ms. Burggraff enjoys interacting with clients with their difficult family law needs. She understands the sensitive nature clients face with their family law issues and has great patience and experience to help them.

Ms. Burggraff earned her B.A. degree from Arizona State University and her J.D. degree from Southern Illinois University School of Law.