--- real estate law
--- course production date: 7/31/2019
--- presented by BRIAN BRUNKOW

Buying & closing on that first house is not easy. It is expensive. It is stressful. And it is complex. On top of that real estate agents are only allowed to provide a limited range of information before directing clients to “seek legal counsel.” This is where lawyers tangentially involved in real estate purchases may provide value to clients – developing a working knowledge of key home buyer protections is important for those practicing in divorce law, small business, wills & trusts & immigration.

This course helps explain and clear up common misconceptions about the home buying process: where to find buyer protections in the purchase agreement and addendums; how to understand and use key investment ratios; questions to ask potential lenders for due diligence; and the importance of having a strategy to handle the inevitable “buyer’s remorse.”

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Key course points are:
• Explain buyer protections in home purchase documents.
• Teach clients investment ratios for determining value against comparable properties.
• Educate clients on the severe penalties for mortgage fraud (Real Housewives of New Jersey Teachable Moment)
• Assist clients on due diligence for selecting their "team" (agent & loan officer)

--- presented by BRIAN BRUNKOW

Brian Brunkow, Esq., is a northwest native and graduated cum laude with a business law focus from Seattle University School of Law. After passing the WA Bar in ’01 (during the 6.8 Nisqually earthquake) Brian has worked extensively in housing and mortgage compliance during both real estate bubbles and meltdowns.

Outside of work, Brian is a youth football coach, sports parenting author, and speaks at west coast coaching clinics on student athlete development and NCAA athletic recruiting practices.

J.D., Seattle University School of Law
Cum Laude Honors; Business Law Focus
Mediation Dispute Resolution Certificate
Seattle University School of Law