--- 1.0 CLE Credit for AZ,CA,CT,FL,ID,NY,PA,WA
--- bankruptcy / debtor / creditor / trial - foreclosures
--- course production date: 5/30/2018
--- presented by SCOTT LANIN

Focusing on New York foreclosure law, this course covers all aspects of actions to foreclose mortgage liens, condominium common charge liens, and real estate tax liens: events of default, loan acceleration, pre-foreclosure notices, summons and complaint, help for homeowners notice, lis pendens, jurisdiction, service, answers with defenses and counterclaims and temporary receivers.

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Key course points are:
• Gain a complete understanding of the judicial foreclosure process.
• Help clients save their homes and investment properties.
• Know when to handle foreclosure defense and when to refer the case to outside counsel.
• Learn about what is currently the hottest area of law in the country.
• Learn about defenses to foreclosure.

--- presented by SCOTT LANIN

Scott Lanin is the managing attorney with the firm of Lanin Law P.C. in midtown Manhattan. He has been practicing law for approximately 26 years in the State, Federal, and Bankruptcy Courts in New York and has appeared in courts throughout the U.S.

Mr. Lanin has extensive experience handling commercial litigation (including disputes involving contracts, fraud, businesses, and real estate), as well as bankruptcy, business law, foreclosure law, and collection/creditor's rights. He has represented individuals, businesses, banks, trustees, and receivers, and has been appointed as a receiver.

Prior to forming his own law firm, Mr. Lanin was affiliated with two prestigious large law firms in New York. Mr. Lanin is also an experienced martial arts instructor, having trained in karate, taekwon-do, and kickboxing since 1984.

Mr. Lanin graduated from the New York University Stern School of Business with honors in 1986 where he majored in finance and management. He graduated from St. John's University School of Law in 1989, where he earned membership to the Law Review. He is admitted to the New York State Bar and to all four Federal Districts in New York.